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Auto parts and plastic mold quotation instructions
One –stop Total Plastics solution provider, Cowon Mold Tech CO., LTD, Specializing in the designing and manufacturing of super high quality Plastic injection molds and jigs for Automotive industry, such as Lighting system, Instrument, panel, HVAC, Centre consoles, Bumper, Grilles, Door, Engine system, Sunroof system, ABCD Pillars and Radiator tank etc.

For the project management of plastic molds, we will explain in detail from the quotation instructions and quality assurance & quality control.


Five basic information required for mold quotation:

1. Product drawings (design molds according to product drawings)    
1.1. Provide 2D/3D drawings of the product (2D drawings can be PDF/JPG/DWG/DXF and other documents, 
3D drawings are best provided in STP or X_T format, IGS and SLDPRT format are also available).
1.2. If the customer does not have 2D/3D drawings of the product, product photos and product dimensions can be provided.
 It is required that product photos need to be taken from all angles so that we can clearly understand the product to the product structure.       
1.3. Customers can also provide us with actual samples.

2. Mold making standards
2.1. Export (America-DME standard, Europe-HASCO standard, Japan-MISUMI standard, etc.)
2.2. Our factory/domestic production.

3. The number of cavity in the mold

4. Mold steel (mainly front and rear mold core steel)
Note: If the customer is not familiar with steel or does not know the number of cavity, 
you can tell us the mold life and plastic materials, we will choose the appropriate steel and the number of cavity based on these two information and product structure/size.

5. Surface requirements
Such as: sun pattern, ordinary polishing, high polishing, mirror polishing, optical polishing, etc.


Four basic information required for product quotation

1. Product weight. It can be obtained as follows:
1.1. It is best to give 3D drawings, and the software can be used to estimate the weight.
1.2. If guests only provide 2D pictures or product photos, please inform the product weight
1.3. If guests do not have drawings, they can also provide actual samples.

2. Minimum order quantity--MOQ
Note: Our factory does not require MOQ for orders placed by customers.
 If the quantity of MOQ is different, the price will be different.

3. Product rubber
3.1. Rubber Brand
3.2. Rubber grade-namely rubber model

4. Product color

The above is the content required for inquiry and quotation, Cowon Mold Tech Co., Ltd providing professional services, professional production of auto parts & plastic molds.