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Facing the epidemic, foreign trade companies should do this


The epidemic has infected more than tens of millions of people, and foreign trade orders have been reduced and chargebacks have occurred frequently. The development of foreign trade companies is worrying. However, from the perspective of the effect of epidemic prevention and control, the Chinese market may become a tipping point for the future market。
As the largest country in the global trade in goods, China is inseparable from the operation of all countries in the world. Once the epidemic is over, orders will still return to China. For foreign trade companies, the most important thing at present is to stabilize important customers and prevent them from being robbed by others. At the same time, it is necessary to increase the development of new buyers and sow seeds to important customers in the industry as alternative suppliers. How to find development opportunities in the second half of the year?


At a time when the foreign situation is severe and the domestic situation has eased. Foreign trade enterprises may wish to develop the domestic market, so as to achieve both development and maintenance. In this way, the normal operation of the enterprise can be maintained, and work will not be stopped due to no orders!
Affected by the epidemic, offline exhibitions were completely suspended, but online business can continue. Through Google's big data and online promotion, it is undoubtedly the best choice to break the foreign trade deadlock and quickly obtain new customer orders! Foreign trade companies should actively develop online customers, look for potential customers online, and reserve new customers. Google, Facebook and YouTube are currently the mainstream overseas promotion channels. Low cost and precise effect. Enterprises can choose appropriate promotion channels according to the characteristics of the industry and products.



We must firmly believe that made in China is irreplaceable! ! In the face of the epidemic, do not give up wherever orders can be generated. During this time, foreign trade companies can look for opportunities in the industry. In terms of export markets, we also recommend foreign trade companies to pay attention to the "Belt and Road" countries. China's assistance may help these countries restore economic order as soon as possible. In the context of a sharp decline in demand in Europe and the United States, a large number of business and trade opportunities will be released.
At the moment of the epidemic, it is a good time for foreign trade companies to practice their internal skills and build up their energy for the second half of the year. In the short term, it is inevitable that the foreign trade industry will be more affected by the epidemic. Foreign trade companies should not pursue short-term profits too much, but should have overall thinking and long-term thinking. Use this time to build a team and increase your advantage. In the short term, the profit expectation will be appropriately reduced, and the income can be covered by variable costs to start normal production and operation.