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Plastic injection mold quality guarantee & quality control process

1. Quality guarantee
How does our company guarantee quality?

First of all, we have a professional project management team that comprehensively collects customer requirements for product and mold quality and technical information. Ensure full control of customer requirements and quality standards. 
Secondly, our design team will do mold flow analysis to check all potential defects in product injection molding, and provide mold flow analysis and DFM reports for customers to view and reference.
Regarding quality management, each set of molds is fully inspected and monitored by dedicated personnel in every link from raw material entering the factory, mold trial to mold modification.And strictly implement IQC, IPQC, FQC, OQC, FAI, CPK, GRR and other quality management procedures and keep records to ensure that mold steel materials, mold core dimensional accuracy, service life and other aspects meet or even exceed customer requirements.

Analysis from the 6 major elements of quality

Man: over 10% people have over 15 years,over 70% people have over 8 years tooling experience. At the same time introduce about 10% of newcomers every year.
Machine: Advanced machinery and equipment, with an accuracy of up to 0.005mm, and the introduction of better equipment year by year to improve processing efficiency and quality. Regularly maintain equipment and perform calibration.
Material:100% meet customer requirements and standards, provide material certificate and heat treatment report for steel.
Method:  ISO9001:2015 quality control procedure implement rigidly. 100% implementation of defective and reliability analysis including 4 sections' review.
Measure: All mold processing parts are 100% tested by CMM and the test report is saved. FAI and CPK reports are made for the samples to analyze the dimensional qualification rate.
Environment: Excellent machining environment.Measurement center is constant temperature and humidity control.We plan to make clean room mold making and moulding shop.



2. Quality control process

Main quality control procedures:
● Mould Design Control
● Mould Steel Hardness Inspection
● Mould Electrodes Inspection
● Mould Core and Cavity Steel Dimension Inspection
● Mould Pre-Assembly Inspection 
● Mould Test Report and Samples Inspection
● Mould Pre-Shipment Final Inspection 
● Export Mould Package Inspection 

Main QC Equipments:
● CMM Machine          
● Optical Projector        
● Height Gauge            
● Hardness tester


Shipment Inspection
2-4 hours high speed running for each mold, after sample approval by customer, will dry run 2-4 hrs under high injection speed and high speed injection condition, to see the problems may happen during production start stage. all the problems will be solved, then QC will release the shipment .

Mold QC check 
mold will be disassembled by QC QC check each components as per mold drawing (spec, movement smooth, fitting, etc)take clear photos from each direction, and photo shared to customer before mold shipment Some photos For Reference.