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Practical post! As a foreign trader, this group of international trade terms must be mastered!

Professional professional professional! This is the background color of our foreign trade people's success! In addition to professional docking in many aspects such as quotation and logistics, the professional language used in daily communication is also our professional performance.

International trade terms are also called price terms. In international trade, the obligations assumed by buyers and sellers will affect the price of commodities. Each model stipulates the obligations of buyers and sellers in certain terms of trade.

There are 13 commonly used trade terms divided into groups E, F, C, and D



Specifically include the following:
1. Inland delivery contract: Group E
EXW (EX Works): delivered at the factory

2. Shipment contract: Group F
FCA (Feer Carrier): Cargo delivery carrier, designated delivery location.
FAS (Free Alongside): Free Alongside, Designated Port of Shipment.
FOB (Feer on Board): delivered on board, designated port of shipment.

3. Shipment contract: Group C
CFR (Cost and Freight): Cost and Freight, designated port of destination.
CIF (Cost Insurance and Freight): Cost plus freight plus insurance, designated port of destination.
CPT (Carriage Paid to): Carriage Paid to, designated destination.
CIP (Carriage and insurance paid to): carriage and insurance paid to, designated destination.

4. Arrival contract: Group D
DAF (Delivered an Frontier): border trade, designated delivery location.
DES (Delivered EX Ship): Delivered on board the destination port, designated destination port.
DEQ (Delivered EX Quay): Delivered at the port of destination, designated port of destination.
DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid): Delivered Duty Unpaid, designated destination.
DDP (Delivered Duty Paid): Delivered Duty Paid, designated destination.